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We may not be many, but we are strong and resolute.

Empowered by You, we will not fear the wrath

Of those who currently rule our nation—

Those who support darkness and deceit,

Rather than the truth they have sworn to embrace.

You are Almighty, but the Prince of this world is not.

Although our victory is assured, our enemy remains strong,

As do those who govern perversely, mocking Your Name.

Despite their ridicule, castigation, and mockery,

We remain true to You and to Your ways.

We have no alternative, nor do we desire one.

You are the one true God; there is no other,

And we are Your people—despite having failed to abide

By Your Word and Your Will so often.


There are those who have bowed to the false god

Of Progressivism and to cultural Pantheism. The fruit of their

Damnable “group think” dominates our landscape,

As right becomes wrong, and wrong becomes right.

They rule unjustly, championing Evil and perversion

Over truth, righteousness, and justice for all.

Father, our lives, and the fate our nation, are in Your hands.

Multiplied millions have strayed from You,

Accepting falsehood over truth, abandoning the ways

Of our forefathers and those who have died since,

To preserve truth, liberty, and the American way of life.


Progressives have squandered the accumulated wealth of generations,

As they pursue a worldview that denies Your existence.

Their regulations repudiate Your Will and our traditions.

Yet they smile arrogantly, believing their way

Is superior and the enlightened way to fulfillment.

Their foolishness has become obvious to millions,

But they refuse to admit it, choosing instead to revise reality,

Making it suit their fanciful and fallacious beliefs.

Professing to be wise, they have become fools,

But in their pride, they cannot admit their failures.

They lack the character necessary to do so.

Father, expose their Evil deeds for all to see,

And let their perversity be known to all.

Use them as an example of error, as an example

Of the ways of the foolish, for the entire world to see.

Jack Watts

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A Prayer for America to Return to the Ways of the Lord



Have we passed the point of no return?

Having abandoned Your way to embrace

Those who scoff at Your Word and Your Truth,

We have chosen Feckless Leaders.

They do as they please, regardless of

Whether it is honorable, lawful, or wise.

Appealing to the masses of lawless, ignorant,

Self-serving and contemptuously ignoble,

This corrupt administration has abandoned justice

For a worldview that mocks Your Name,

While never considering the cost that must be paid

Bt repudiating the core values of this great land.

The deceitfully reprobate spy upon the righteous,

Placating us with assurances that it is

For our own good, but we know that it is not.

Their intent is to make us what we have never been—

What our Forefathers recognized as being Evil.

Having disregarded You for so long, is our devastation certain?

Have we passed the point of no return?

Or is there still time for us to repent and change our ways?

Millions who call on Your Name want to abandon this wickedness

And return to the people You desire us to be?

Is there still time for us to change, or are we destined

To pay a horrible price for repudiating You?

You know the answers, Lord. I do not.

Clearly, we deserve what we have brought upon ourselves.

We are without excuse, but You are quick to forgive.

 It is within Your power to restore us,

But is it in Your will to do so?

Jack Watts   Rerources

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