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The Republicans need six seats to replace Harry Reid as leader of the Senate. This is going to happen. The Republicans will win MT, SD, and WV easily. They will retain GA, where Perdue is up by 4% in today’s NBC Poll, and KY, where McConnell is up by 9% today. Retaining KS may be a problem, which means four more states need to flip. Here is my prediction about the four: CO will go Republican. So will AR, AK, IA and LA. That’s all that is needed, but Scott Brown may beat Shaheen in NH, and Kay Hagen is vulnerable in NC, despite her race bating. In all, I believe the final number will be Republicans 53 and the Democrats 47, and it could be 54-46.

I feel certain my predictions are accurate. There is only one thing that can change the outcome—fraud. The Democrats are notorious for this criminal behavior, so everybody must be vigilant, especially since the DOJ under Holder will do nothing to prevent it. To say this election is important is a massive understatement, so get out and vote.


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