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11149533_10153186046555748_2424552664195312802_n-1COMMON SENSE: Hillary is terrified of being exposed by WikiLeaks—Obama too. They will do anything to divert attention away from the truth being revealed, including having a confrontation with Russia.
Think about how irresponsible their behavior is. It’s like saying, “If I’m going down, I’m taking America down with me—perhaps Western Europe too.”
Hillary and Obama tell us how dangerous it would be for Trump to have the nuclear codes, while at the same time, they are provoking a confrontation with Russia.
The tensions between the USA and Russia are the worst they have been since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and it’s all because of Hillary and Barack trying to misdirect attention from the truth undermining their corruption. That so few recognize this for what it is, or are willing to speak out against such dereliction of duty, is astounding.
Jack Watts

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hillary trump_4COMMON SENSE: Hillary Clinton has contempt for the Rule of law—shame on her. The Republican Establishment has equal contempt for the will of it’s party’s voters—shame on the Republican Establishment.
My original candidate was Sen. Cruz. When he quit, I shifted to Trump. The Republican elites refuse to do this. Dan Senor, a Bush/Romney/Paul Ryan hack, is behind the audio clip aimed at derailing Donald Trump. This makes Senor a Quisling in my book. If Ryan had anything to do with this underhanded plot, he needs to resign as Speaker of the House.
When Trump went up against Hillary Sunday night, he was simultaneously fighting a coup from within his own party. Yet, he stood tall and soundly trounced the Queen of Corruption. Fighting for us, the American people, Trump was Presidential. I don’t know about you, but I will proudly vote for him in November.
Jack Watts

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We are being led by an administration that loves the darkness rather than the light. Proclaiming to be the most transparent administration in American history, while not having a smidgen of evidence to substantiate its claim, the Obama administration pursues Evil, which it has redefined as Good.

Those who applaud the darkness do so in the name of freedom, but the meaning of freedom has changed considerably since the days of our Founding Fathers. Back then, freedom meant the ability to do what was right, unencumbered by governmental restraint. Now, it’s considered to be “freedom from restraint”—the ability to pursue vice. Right has become wrong, and wrong has become right.

Because the Children of Light didn’t see this coming—not at the level we now do—we were easy prey for Obama’s Evil intentions. But this is no longer the case. Each day, additional Americans are becoming aware of what is happening. We are no longer dormant or asleep, nor will sit by and allow our great nation to be destroyed by the flawed worldview of our narcissistic Commander-in-Chief.

The pendulum has passed its apex and is swinging back the other way. Soon, Obama’s deeds of darkness will be exposed to the light, and when they are, he will have no place to hide. Trust me; this is going to happen.

Jack Watts

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