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14212540_10209250439650696_4928376597585475848_nCOMMON SENSE: We all remember where we were and what we were doing, when we heard about the attack on 9/11. I was in a Barnes & Noble with Ernest Pullen, when his wife, Melanie Dugger Pullen, called, telling us about it. At first, it didn’t seem plausible that we had been attacked. By the time the second tower was hit, I had returned home and saw it on TV with Jim Smith.
Renewing my mind, from that moment forward, I have never altered my viewpoint or perspective. We were attacked by Radical Islamic Terrorists—by those who want to destroy us and our American way of life. To them, we are all the Great Satan—not just some of us.
On this day, let us remember we are Americans first and political opponents second. Many disagree with my worldview and I disagree with theirs. Nevertheless, none of us want to cut off each other’s heads. That we can argue without killing each other is what makes us different, but it is also what makes us strong.
Remember, Jihadists have a sense of history, which makes every anniversary of 9/11 is a particularly dangerous day for Americans, so be careful.
Jack Watts

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Symbolism has profound eschatological significance for the Jihadists, who believe they are destined to rule the world. Two weeks from today is the anniversary of 9/11, which means we will be more susceptible to attack on that day than any other. Because our administration is ideologically opposed to admitting Islam is savage and not a religion of peace, our vulnerability is compounded.

We have allowed illegals to pour through our southern border unchecked—again for President Obama’s ideological reasons. My fear is that many of these aliens are from ISIS, which wants to send a message that we are not as safe as Obama tells us we are. They want to prove they are not the junior varsity, but the real deal. How better to do so than to strike us on the anniversary of 9/11. If you think my apprehension is unwarranted, just remember how poorly we were prepared in Benghazi on 9/11—just two years ago.

By discounting reality because it does not align with Obama’s belief system, the American people who elected him twice have put themselves in peril. Clearly, we need a wake-up call, but I’m hoping it will come more peacefully than this.

Jack Watts

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A friend’s son from Newton MA, my hometown, serves in the IDF tunnel commando unit. His unit was in Gaza for two-and-a-half weeks. During this time, they did not take off their bulletproof vests, didn’t brush their teeth, and didn’t take showers. Out of necessity, they had their water and food delivered. They lost members of their unit. They worked and fought around-the-clock, despite the danger, in order to destroy Hamas’ tunnels. Then, they discovered motorcycles in the tunnels that were ready to be used to expand the area for their killing sprees. All of this was set for 9/24/2014—the Jewish high holidays. Israel narrowly missed this 9/11 experience.

In the United States peace proposal offered by Secretary of State John Kerry, he insisted these tunnels, which have no purpose other than to attack Israel, remain intact. There can be no doubt where this administration stands. Obama, as he said in his memoir, stands with Islam.

At the same time, Christians across America need to make our voices heard loud and clearly. We will not stand with any administration, whether Republican or Democrat, who abandons Israel. For us, this is not a political opinion; it’s a conviction. If you are a believer, remember, it was for such a time as this that the Lord redeemed you. We must stand strong for His purposes, which include repudiating the goals of Hamas, as well as the political intentions of our own government.


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