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COMMON SENSE: The largest contributors to Hillary’s campaign were the Saudis. They didn’t like her, but they thought she was going to win. Now, with U.S. foreign policy backing the Saudis and Israel, they are thrilled with President Trump and the $110 billion arms deal he has negotiated.
While in Riyadh, if I were Trump, I would ask about what Saudi intelligence knows about Russia, Obama, Hillary, and the attempt by the press to destroy my Presidency. What the Saudis have learned, which is completely out of the box, may be quite interesting. Because they like what Trump is doing as much as Deplorables like us do, they may have a great deal to say.
When Trump goes to Tel Aviv, which will be the first direct flight from Riyadh ever, I would ask the same questions of the Israelis, knowing how much they hate Obama and Hillary.

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Father, Lord God Almighty:

We come before You today on bended knee,

Because our hearts are troubled and sorrowful.

We are apprehensive about our nation’s future.

In Your goodness to us, six months ago,

As our nation was about to go over the cliff,

You spared us from certain destruction,

By foiling the ambitions of America’s Jezebel,

And her equally nefarious and detestable partner, Ahab.


Hearing our prayers, which were legion,

You honored us by stopping the cold-hearted schemes

Of those who mock Your Name and ridicule Your children.

In Your benevolence, You gave us another chance

To change our wicked ways that are so dishonoring to You.

Thank You for Your benevolence and for Your mercy to us,

Which we do not deserve, but which You have granted graciously.

Believing restitution of all that is good was within our grasp,

We, Your children, were overjoyed with the prospects for the future.


But now, our joy and our enthusiasm have been short-lived,

As a dark shadow has come over our the United States,

And ominous clouds threaten to undo our legitimate victory.

The forces of darkness, led by damnable men and women,

Loathsome creatures who hate Your name—those who

Champion corruption and depravity, have joined forces

With Jezebel and Ahab to alter the will of the American people

And abrogate our voice, which produced an electoral landslide.

Do not allow their scheming and plotting to succeed, Father.

Foil their plots and refute their lies so that the entire world can see.

Refuse to grant the desires of the arrogant, those who believe

Their godless voices should exercise dominion over the righteous.

Defeat them, Father—not because we are justifiably deserving—

But because You have been merciful to America for centuries.

We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Your Son,


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COMMON SENSE: During the first 100 Days of the Trump administration, the strategy of the Democrats has been to obstruct everything he has done, regardless of what it is. The refusal to confirm Justice Gorsuch is a perfect example of refusing to support anything Trump does.
By putting up roadblocks everywhere, impeding Trump at every turn, the Democrats believe they can now boast that he hasn’t accomplished nearly as much as he promised he would. By refusing to cooperate, the Democrats now believe they can say Trump’s Presidency is a failure, even though there are 1361 days left. That’s how desperate they are to undermine his Presidency, and the Progressive media will follow suit.
But here is something Trump has accomplished that you will not see reported—not by anybody. Just 7% into his tenure, our allies trust us again, and our enemies fear us, which is the polar opposite of how they felt with Obama. This is a huge win for Trump, for America, for our allies, and for the rest of the Free World. It was a win that the obstructionists could not diminish or derail.
Link to “Creating Trump Nation:” http://tinyurl.com/buytrumpnation
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Other than the persistent terror attacks of ISIS in Europe and the United States, President Trump is facing four significant challenges—each resulting from the feckless abdication of responsibility by Barack Obama. These are the problem areas.
1. Middle East—Syria, Iraq and Afganistan
2. Iran’s nuclear ambitions
3. Russian imperialism in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States
4. North Korea
Right now, the showdown with North Korea is the most dangerous, but our world is considerably more dangerous than it was before 9/11. That being said, by playing a strong hand, rather than the weak and vacillating one Obama chose, we have to reassert our leadership worldwide.
In my opinion, Trump’s team is doing this masterfully. Kim Jong Un, whose narcissism has generated societal delusion in North Korea is the most dangerous, but Iran isn’t far behind. Because Obama flinched, Un and others hope Trump will do the same thing, but that’s unlikely to happen. Hopefully, with the help of the Chinese, this will resolve peacefully, but there is no guarantee this will happen.
Jack Watts

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thCOMMON SENSE: There is a reason why President Trump’s foreign policy is proving to be more effective than his domestic agenda—at least so far. When the Commander-in-Chief gives an order, it is obeyed, and when the Commander-in-Chief does not micromanage, our military, being the best in the world by far, oyr armed forces can definitely get the job done.
There’s another reason too. The world is starved for American leadership. After years of fecklessness, vacillation, and incompetence, our allies are thrilled to see America take a strong stand once again. The vacuum created by Obama’s retreat emboldened our enemies, especially ISIS, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Now, to put a halt to this, President Trump is demonstrating just how powerful we actually are. This will ultimately re-stabilize the world, but not in the short-term.
Domestically, President Trump is being confronted with repeated attacks by the mainstream media, obstructionist Democrats, and Republicans who talk-the-talk but do not walk-the-walk. Despite this, the economy is bustling, stifling regulations are being repealed, and our energy sector is being cut loose. This means prosperity ahead, but it will continue to be a dogfight to get things done, especially with victories being depicted as defeats
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: During yesterday’s testimony with FBI Director Comey and DNI Director Rogers, there were plenty of good sound bites for the Democrats, but so far, there has only been one verified felony—the leaking of Mike Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador. That’s it—one crime but lots of smoke and mirrors.
What the Democrats have been successful at doing is this: They have re-vilified Russia to Cold War proportions, elevating this nation to the status of the Soviet Union, which was much bigger and far more powerful. When the Soviet Union dismantled in 1991, its population was 286 million. Currently, Russia has 143 million people. It is half the size of the Soviet Union, and there is no Warsaw Pact—NATO’s counterpart—to add to its power base.
Also, according to the IMF, the GDP of Russia is 3.8 trillion, while ours is 19.4 trillion. Russia’s economy compares to Indonesia’s and Germany’s, which makes it a small player in the world. Putin would love to make Russia as dominant as the Soviet Union, so he loves all of the talk that elevates him to be the world’s bully; but he isn’t Scut Farcus; he’s Gilbert Dill at best. Russia is a medium-size player with nukes—that’s all.
It’s unfortunate that the Russians have been used by the Democrats to be the word’s bad guy, but that’s what has happened. Instead, we should be building bridges with Russia, which is Orthodox and not Communist, to partner with us in destroying ISIS and Radical Islam. That Russia has been made the enemy again has been a stupid move, even for the Democrats.
Jack Watts

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Putin.jpgCOMMON SENSE: Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 have so many Americans been this concerned about Russia. The only difference is this: Back then, the Soviet Union was much more powerful, making the threat more legitimate.
Russia’s nuclear arsenal is formidable—no doubt about it—but so is ours. When you remove this variable from the equation, Russia is actually a minor player on the world stage. Nevertheless, the media has ascribed to them power and influence that is not realistic. The assessment is overblown.
When you measure the strength of the Russian economy to ours, we are nearly fifteen times as large. In fact, the economies of South Korea, Canada, and Brazil are larger than Russia’s. We are #1, while Russia is #12. Putting things into a clearer perspective, the projected growth in our economy, under President Trump’s policies, is greater than what Russia produces. Our growth rate can be larger than everything Russia produces.
Putin can rattle his sword, and he does, but he is like the great and terrible Wizard of Oz, mostly bluster. Trump’s power, as President, dwarfs Putin’s. We certainly do not worry about Italy or South Korea dominating the world. Neither do we need to worry about Russia. The Chinese threat is significant but not the Russian, at least in my opinion.
Jack Watts

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