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COMMON SENSE: I believe Iran is more dangerous than North Korea. Here’s why. Kim Jong Un may be a ruthless dictator, even a paranoid megalomaniac, but he does not have a death wish. He wants to survive, but this might not be true of Iran.

Iran is motivated by eschatological beliefs. They are convinced it is their divine mandate to usher in the Twelfth Caliphate, which is the Muslim Millennial Kingdom. This means the Iranians actually are willing to have their nation destroyed for the perceived higher good of a worldwide Islamic Kingdom.
Their belief system is something new to international politics, and we have no adequate foreign policy to counter it. In fact, I doubt many at the State Department or Pentagon even consider this to be a real and legitimate motivating factor, but it is. Our danger level with North Korea is high, but it is off the chart with Iran.
I’m not guessing about this.
Jack Watts

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