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COMMON SENSE: Because it was never a legitimate FBI investigation, like it was supposed to be, I think it is appropriate to call it a “matter,” precisely like former Attorney General Loretta Lynch insisted. That doesn’t mean it should not have been an investigation though. Based on Hillary’s pattern of criminal behavior, it certainly should have.

Now, we have learned that former FBI Director Comey not only penned his exoneration of Hillary before his fake investigation was complete, but we also know that he had access to her 30,000 deleted emails but never took possession of them. The NSA offered them, but Comey wouldn’t touch them, probably because he was ordered not to do so. They may have been quite embarrassing to President Obama.
This is an appalling mess that needs resolution. What is clear is this: Despite having a Republican Congress, Republican Department of justice, a new Director of the FBI, and a Republican President, we are no further down the road to discovering the truth about Hillary’s shenanigans than we were a year ago. This is unacceptable.
We, the American people, want answers; we deserve answers; and we and demand answers. When do we want these answers? We want them now!
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: If there was ever an issue worthy of prayer for America’s safety, it’s what is happening on the Korean peninsula. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, has the world been this unstable or this close to a thermonuclear holocaust, and it does no good to ascribe blame to previous administrations. It is what it is, and the outcome is definitely in doubt.
The Trump administration deserves high marks for the way it is handling the crisis with a three-pronged effort. They are addressing North Korea diplomatically, economically, and strategically, with a build up of defensive weapons in South Korea and an armada in the Sea of Japan.
As powerful as the United States is, this should be enough to intimidate the North Koreans to back down, but it isn’t. There is an additional variable that isn’t even being calculated, and it’s the independent variable.
North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un is a heavy user and abuser of pain medication. That, coupled with a massive dosage of steroids, means the NOKO dictator, who rules with an iron gip over his people, has his decision-making process impaired. Essentially, he’s a junkie with nuclear weapons.
Have you ever tried to reason with a junkie? I have, and doing so is a fool’s errand. It’s like trying to carry on an intelligent conversation with Jesse Pinkman’s two strung-out friends. It cannot be done. Kim Jong Un is delusional. In his mind, he has the power to defeat the United States. He really believes this, which is so bizarre and illogical that the Trump administration probably hasn’t included this into their calculations, and they definitely should. It’s the determining factor.
In my opinion, the only way we can avoid catastrophe is for the North Korean regime to collapse and Kim Jong Un to be removed from power and replaced.
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: While the media obsesses with trivialities like Melania’s shoes, the geo-political balance of power has shifted dramatically in Europe in our favor, and nobody has even mentioned it. By deregulating the oil industry, President Trump has made it possible for USA companies to obtain our vast quantities of natural gas.
Once the gas is liquified, which is now possible, it can be put on oil tankers and sent for Europe. Once there, it can be de-liquified and used to heat all of Europe. This means Russia, whose only leverage over Europe has been with natural gas, now has a major competitor—the USA.
This strategic check on Russian influence changes the power structure in Europe, de facto ending Putin’s goal of dominating the continent. It also ensures that our economy, which has been sluggish for eight years, will grow, and there will be jobs galore. Y’all, this is important—it’s huge. The shoes Melania wears is inconsequential.
Jack Watts

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